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Creating Legends
one custom locker at a time

Legends Lockers manufactures and installs top-of-the-line custom wood lockers for high schools, prep schools, country clubs, health clubs, college and professional sports teams. We offer a “one stop shop” for all your locker room needs.

Award Winning Style
We boast an Adirondack Locker artist who has been awarded for his use of space and design. No matter what your challenges, we can find a functional yet beautiful solution that your players and recruits will talk about for years to come.
Customized for You
We work with a myriad of wood species, and can add all the finishing touches that make your locker room special including graphics, lighting, furniture, and custom solutions that work for your sport such as bat holders and helmet cubbies.
If you are looking for a place to enhance your players experience beyond just a place to hang their uniform-Legends Lockers is the right choice for your team.

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Custom Millwork

solutions and ideas

We can provide a wide variety of finishing touches, including furniture, and custom solutions for your project.

We can take your room and transform it into a work of art.



We have the resources available to help you design and visualize what the end product will look like, so you know you’ll be satisfied before a single piece of wood is milled.


design solutions

We take pride in designing your space to be functionally efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing. Your room has to work for your athletes and patrons, but can be an amazing place to relax after a game and find inspiration.

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The GW Gymnastics team saw its fully-renovated locker room inside the Charles E. Smith Center for the first time. Featuring the Attitude statement which really helps them come together as a team.

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